Taken by the Huntsman by Mistral Dawn

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Genre: Paranormal Romance

Grammar: 1/2

Punctuation: 1/2

Formatting: 1/2

Opening Chapter: 1

Plot Development: 1

Plot Pacing: 1

Narration: 1/2

Character Development: 1

Linguistics/Stylistics: 1/2

Ending: 1

Overall Score: 7.5 points (4 stars)

Rating: 18+ (violence, profanity, graphic sexual content)

As I mentioned in a previous post, in the past I have avoided PNR. The idea of humans and supernatural creatures being involved in intimate relations just seemed bizarre to me. But Mistral Dawn’s novels came highly recommended and since I reviewed PNR in the past and found it to be more or less palatable, I went ahead and gave Taken by the Hunstman a go. I got an unexpected treat.

Cassie is a loner, raised in the foster-care system, eking out a meager existence, and determined to be self-reliant. When Caderyn, a huntsman from Fairie (a world inhabited by Fae), is searching for a child murderer who is said to…

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