Book Reviews: Taken by the Huntsman, Bound by the Summer Prince and Intrigue in the Summer Court by Mistral Dawn


Taken by the Huntsman

Taken by the Huntsman is the first of Mistral Dawn’s books set in the magical land of Faerie. Taken by the Huntsman cover Mistral DawnThe inhabitants of Faerie are many of the typical fantasy worlds readers are used to and few extras as well. Cadeyrn, known as the Erlking, is the leader of the Wild Hunt. He is the final judge, jury and executioner of justice when someone has been severely wronged and calls for the Wild Hunt. Cassandra Bookman, known as Cassie, is a human woman who has lost her job and whose life is pretty much on a dead end track.

When Cadeyrn enters Earth through a portal between worlds on a Wild Hunt for a fae who murdered a pixie child he encounters Cassie. The Erlking knows right away that she is his soul-mate selected by the mother goddess Dea Matrona. Time limitations do not allow Caderyn to take the…

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