“Taken by the Huntsman” by Mistral Dawn

Between the Beats

Mistral Dawn’s exciting fantasy takes a sensual look at the fae. This book was not at all what I expected and it definitely caught and held my attention.

When Cassie is taken by the Erlking and leader of the Wild Hunt, Caderyn, it is only the beginning of the story of Faerie and the variety of Fae who reside there. The Fae who are loyal to the Erlking are more than happy to serve their master and help him to win the heart of his Anamchara or “soulmate”. On the other hand there are the rivals of Caderyn who would happily see Cassie dead. As the intrigue develops within Caderyn’s world, the Erlking himself is on the hunt for a Sidhe who has murdered a child and must be punished. Against this backdrop of Fae customs, Cassie is learning about the world she is now a part of. When Caderyn…

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