Love Is In the Air: Erotic Fiction

Between the Beats

Taken By The Huntsman (Spellbound Hearts Book 1)

by Mistral Dawn

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Erotic fiction has become a popular category in books recently. Taken by the Huntsman by Mistral Dawn presents an even more interesting sub-genre, erotic fantasy fiction. In her first book of the Spellbound Hearts series she blends the magical world of Fairie and the creatures who live there with the sensuality and romance of erotica.

The female protagonist, Cassie, is a lonely woman who lives in a less than desirable part of her town. Caderyn, Erlking and leader of the Wild Hunt, is pursuing a criminal who has murdered a child and is fleeing justice in Fairie. This is not a new role for Caderyn; he has been bringing Fae criminals to justice for thousands of years. Suddenly Caderyn comes upon Cassie and immediately recognizes her as his Anamchara, or soul mate. The story that follows is…

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