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Author Illumination Series

In this series you’ll be introduced to some of the best romance and erotica authors around. You’ll get a look inside their mind. See into their process. And hopefully, at the end of each interview, you’ll want to buy their work.

Mistral Dawn

B.J. Taylor – What are you working on now? Tell us all a little bit about it.

Mistral Dawn – I’m working on the second book in the Petri Dish Chronicles. It’s a cyberpunk sci-fi series that explores social norms, politics, and power dynamics. The first book in the series, Rainbow Dreams, was released earlier this year.


Have you ever had a terrible secret you didn’t want anyone to know? Petri does and it may get her killed. Life is hard on Upworld, especially for the residents of Under City, and it’s even harder for those who don’t fit in. Petri has alway been different…

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