Book Review: Bound By The Summer Prince (Spellbound Hearts Book 2) by Mistral Dawn.

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Say Hi to author Mistral Dawn, as I review her book, ”Bound By The Summer Prince (Spellbound Hearts Book 2.)


The Summer Court is in an uproar. The king has just been executed for unpardonable crimes, and the queen is prostrate with grief over his loss. This leaves the Summer kingdom bereft of true leadership; a problem which is compounded by the fact that the laws of Fairie require balance to be maintained by having a male and a female ruler for both Season Courts at all times. Uaine, the Summer prince, is the only one who can put things right, but he is without a mate. Knowing that he must take a bride quickly, for the sake of his people, even though he is struggling with his own feelings of pain and anger over his father’s…

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Book review: Bound By The Summer Prince by Mistral Dawn

Darrienia: The Forgotten Legacies Series

Bound By The Summer Prince by Mistral Dawn is a fantasy/ erotic romance, and the second book in the Spellbound Hearts Series.

51vaiojpcylRoni is a strong, full on woman, she knows how to take care of herself, she had no choice but to learn. But there are some things all the street smarts and cons would never have prepared her for. While fleeing from a con gone wrong she inadvertently finds her escape through a passage to another realm. In this strange world everything seems deadly and unfamiliar. Then she comes across Uaine, he claims she is his, yet she feels no such pull. In order to escape Roni must pull the con of a lifetime. No human has every been allowed to return from Fairie. Will her plans succeed, especially when she finds herself beginning to question where the con stops and the truth begins.

Bound By The Summer…

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